12 things for 2020

Take care of yourself and your sisters.

2020 is here. As women, I think that this year we need to think of ourselves and our girlfriends’ wellness and actions, so we can continue our fight. Please keep in mind to give and receive.  For this year, we can achieve more if we work in community. 

Catherine Walsh, frequently says that to unmask and confront the complexities of a society we need to put in practice “the essential of collective knowledge, collective analysis and collective action”.

1- As an activist and feminist, I recommend being active in the movement, but taking care of yourself and our Pachamama. 

2- Help to build a sorority or sisterhood. 

3-Dismantle structures, don’t be afraid. We need to use the right tools. 

4-Decolonize our mind as a woman.

5-Read books and watch movies produced by women.

6- Share your thoughts. Talk or express ourselves of issues that bore you. 

7- Recognize and be inclusive of other women’s needs, ideas, and priorities. 

8- We need to stop complaining about issues, instead take an action. 

9- Leadership and power are not forever, pass it on. 

10- If you are part of a women’s moment, do things that you like and learn more, but don’t make it be a burden.

11-We need to stop being competitors among us. 

12- Explore, explore, we need to travel and learn from other women. 

Author: Women Wheel

Women Wheel a community online that develops different women topics. Here I cover my experiences and others based on sexuality, gender, violence, culture, climate change, literature, womanhood, feminism, and decolonization stories that will link us together regardless of where you live, age, and race. Our wheel is durable and resistant, the same as the women’s fight, voices, and actions. Join the wheel!

One thought on “12 things for 2020”

  1. Absolutely, Let 2020 be a year of new vision, new perspectives and most of all of unity and support among women. Yes, we can accomplish goals by ourselves, but unity makes us stronger to create movements for changes.

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