5 things about Minna Canth

Photo: Shirlene Green N/Kupion Museum

1-Minna was a Finnish writer, activist, mother, wife, dancer, and theatre actress. She was born in Tampere (centre of Finland) in 1844, under the name of Ulrika Wilhelmina Johnsson, being the oldest of four siblings.

2-She is the first woman in Finland to receive her day flat (19th of March).

3-In Jyväskylä, she attended the Teacher Seminary, which was the first one in Finland to offer higher education for women.

4-She worked at the Keski-Suomi newspaper and Päijäinne. At this last one she published her first work of fiction and stories.

5-Her works were referring to women’s rights issues. The topics she develops in her writing were the separation of property between husband and wife, unwillingness to be a mother, injustice for women, and others.

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