Mayan Singers

Music for change. That is what Sara and Ch’umilkaj music is doing for Mayan women and society.

  • Teksti: Shirlene Green Newball
  • Käännös: Anni Valtonen
  • Kuvat: Crsitián Davila, Ajpu Nicho, Sandra Sebastián

This article is in the Finnish language and was published in the magazine Maailman Kuvalehti. It is the story of Mayan singers Sara Curruchich and Ch’umilkaj Curruchiche Nicho. Enjoy the reading.

Author: Women Wheel

Women Wheel a community online that develops different women topics. Here I cover my experiences and others based on sexuality, gender, violence, culture, climate change, literature, womanhood, feminism, and decolonization stories that will link us together regardless of where you live, age, and race. Our wheel is durable and resistant, the same as the women’s fight, voices, and actions. Join the wheel!

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