Audre Lorde: A Proud Black Lesbian

In June, we celebrate pride month. I hope that you have learned something as you read, heard, and participated in an event of the LGBTQ+ community. I wouldn’t like to end this month without writing about one of the most influential black female writer, activist, and proud lesbian. I am referring to Audre Lorde (1934-1992). She was the third child of three siblings procreated by … Continue reading Audre Lorde: A Proud Black Lesbian

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Online Violence to Women Journalists

Over the years online, violence toward women journalists has been increasing significantly and uncontrollably in many corners of the globe while producing outlets. One of the reasons is the wide use of internet and the different social platforms. As a woman and journalist, I have an interest to read and hear about stories that involve colleagues from all around, thus, I follow on social media … Continue reading Online Violence to Women Journalists

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Läsnäolo / Presence/Presencia

Text: Red de mujeres en Finlandia (RdMF) From 8th to 14th March, as a part of International Women’s Day, La Red de Mujeres-Finlandia (RdMF) makes a window-exhibition that brings together all their visual memories produced during their activities.  This exhibition results from three years of work and cooperation as a community of Latin American migrant women with other binary and non-binary women’s groups in Finland. … Continue reading Läsnäolo / Presence/Presencia

Fight for freedom

As we celebrate Black History Month I want to remember all those women and girls who were tortured, raped, killed, auctioned, and exploited to work on a plantation. Thousands were separated from their family, had their original names changed, gave birth to children products of rape, obligated to breastfeed the master’s children and many other inhumane acts.  A lot of these women fought and died … Continue reading Fight for freedom

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Mother language

I was born and grew up in an intercultural environment.  My mother tongue is English Creole and Spanish is my second language. I also understand Miskito (fairly), which is  one of the native indigenous languages in Nicaragua. Miskito is a Misulmapan language, which along with  Sumo and Matagalpan, comprises  this linguistic family. It is spoken by almost 150,000 people in the North and South Caribbean … Continue reading Mother language