Welcome to my blog, Women Wheel, that develops different women topics. Here I write about my experiences and those of others based on sexuality, gender, cultures, climate change, literature, womanhood, feminism, and decolonization stories that will bring us together, regardless of your location, age, and race.

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Welcome aboard!

Shirlene Green Newball is a journalist, content writer, documentary producer, feminist, and activist, who has worked in the field of communication at non-profit organizations, university, and as a freelancer. In the documentary field, she has worked with Broadcast Companies such as YLE, Estonian Public Broadcast, and others. One of the documentaries she produced along with other colleagues, titled  Lih Wina- the One-way, won a prize as the best short documentary at the Central American Films Festival-ICARO (2014), and a ‘jury mentioned’ at T-film Ostrava, Czech Republic. She is proudly a mixture of Afro and Indigenous roots; thus, she always says that her skin talks, so don’t wash away the colour of it.

I like to try new dishes, hang out with friends, watch movie, read, and enjoy nature.

Photo by Johan Sung
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