Friendships Stages

How many friends do you have?

A few months ago, a friend asked me, “How many friends do you have”? I responded: a lot, but I also explained to him that my friends are from different life stages, for different needs, and with whom I do varieties of things.  

I am a social person who likes to talk and meet new people; thus, it’s not difficult for me to make new friends. However, I also had learned to keep those friendships that are valuable for me, and give them a special place in life. Once I saw a friend posted on Facebook this quote: 

I said to her that I agreed with this post, and that she was one of those important friends. Yes, I do have many friends, but less than before because I have decided to keep my relationships with those who are loyal, those who do not use me,  nor are toxic, not manipulating, and are willing to listen and talk with me.  

I have friends from my childhood with whom I grew up, from high school-teenage, and my adulthood. For sure, I will have another stage to meet new friends, but always taking into consideration that I am not a doll, I am a human being.  

Months ago, I heard a podcast titled “Call your Girlfriend”, hosted by Ann Friedman and Aminatuo Sow. A piece of information that drew my attention was that the utterances of friendships and freedom have the same linguistic roots meaning: beloved and dear.  

If I had the opportunity to do something different in choosing my friends now, I would surely put less of my energy in keeping those who can inflict harmed or use me. Presently, I just have energy for friendships that have a positive vibration.  

If  there is something I also like about my friends, it’s that they have different age, nationalities, personalities, and energy. Thanks to all my marvelous girlfriends and sisters. I will surely call you to check how you are doing, but I’ll also call when I need you.  

What are your friendships experiences?