Political prisoners

Text by: Shirlene Green Newball

In April 2018 a political and social crisis broke out in Nicaragua, Central America when the government of President Daniel Ortega issued a decree to cut pensions and raise social security payments, which led to massive demonstrations. President Ortega responded with deadly force.

Over the past year, at least 325 people have been killed, shot dead on the streets by police snipers and paramilitary troops or executed out-of-sight. Dozens of victims were children. Over 500 persons are missing. Doctors and nurses have been fired from their jobs for merely treating wounded protesters in hospitals.

Over this past year, things have not returned to normal. Thousands have fled the country. Activists and journalists have reported ongoing arrests and harassment by the government.

Approximately, 130 political prisoners remain imprisoned, of which nine are brave women who stood against the authoritarianism government. There are:
María Guadalupe Ruiz Briceño
Amaya Coppens
Olga Valle
Ivania Alvarez
Neymar Hernández
Wendy Juárez
Olama Hurtado
Katherine Martínez
Mayela Cruz

Do you have women political prisoners in your country? Name them before 2019 is over.